4 Customer Service Hacks for Getting More Five-Star Reviews

In the information age, small businesses cannot afford to ignore what people post about them on the Internet. Most consumers today turn to online reviews before they can commit their hard earned money to buy any particular product or service. In fact, BJCBranding revealed that 97 percent of consumers read online reviews before making a buying decision.

It is important for businesses to continuously seek ways they can attract more positive reviews. To get you on the right track, we’ve compiled a list of some quick tips that will improve your customer service and result in more five-star reviews for your business:

Provide five-star customer service

It is well known that you must ensure that your customers are getting top value for their money, which means your products or services have to be of superior quality. But if you want to boost your brand loyalty and get more positive reviews, the quality of your customer service must also be top-notch.

Make sure that all of your employees know how to greet a customer and are able to provide answers to any questions a customer may have. By providing excellent service you can build your business’ credibility and prove that you are a reliable source.

Be honest

While striving for perfection may be your goal – let’s face it, nothing will ever be perfect. There will be problems over time, but luckily you don’t have to be mistake-free or flawless to attract five-star reviews.

What is more important is to be sincere, honest and attentive to your customers. Your commitment to the highest levels of professionalism should be seen across all levels of your business, from the front desk manager to your service employees. When an issue arises, make sure all of your employees know how to respond promptly, acknowledge the problem and take swift actions to fix the situation.

We also recommend that you take these same actions when you receive a negative review online. A study by Marketing Charts shows that 70% of review readers can change their perception about a brand based on how a company responds to negative reviews. In the case there is a problem on your part, ensure that you take responsibility, apologize and fix it.

Treat your customers as individuals

The use of technology has enabled businesses to reach both current and potential customers with ease. However, it is necessary to remember that every customer is unique and expectations can vary from one customer to another. For this reason you should avoid being robotic, and instead try to personalize the experience.

Try to understand the expectations of every customer and ensure that your products or services are tailored to address their specific needs. People also love to hear their name said out loud, so try to learn your customers’ names and speak to them directly. This will make them feel special, which may make them feel more inclined to give your business a positive review.

Ask your customers to leave feedback

Once you have properly served a customer, do not shy away from asking them to give their feedback on online review sites – and don’t be afraid to ask for five-star reviews. In fact, the more transparent and honest you are about it, the more understanding and receptive people are going to be. Remember that reviewers have nothing to gain by writing reviews, and therefore, you have to let them understand how important the reviews are to your business and other potential customers.

The takeaway

Online reviews are a very important part of a small business growth. However, getting those positive reviews is not always easy. You have to make deliberate efforts to ensure your business puts its best foot forward to receive more five-star reviews from customers. To achieve this, consistently provide top quality products and services, personalize interactions with customers, ask customers to leave positive feedback, and maintain the highest standards of sincerity, honesty and professionalism.


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