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Ultimate Guide to E-Commerce for Auto Repair Shops

Auto repair shop owners today are facing real challenges as technology is changing how consumers are buying. Access to the internet has opened up an entire new world of shopping, which has consequently changed the overall buying journey. The new customer journey takes place in many steps, including:

How to Boost Auto Repair Shop Loyalty by Selling Value Packages

Customer retention is a major pain point for auto repair shops today. While it is hard enough to attract new business, keeping customers coming back is a different beast.

CarCareCONNECT Launches E-Commerce Capabilities for Auto Repair Shops

CarCareCONNECT, an all-in-one marketing solution for auto repair shops, has launched e-commerce selling capabilities that will allow local auto repair shops to build an online store of their products and services in order to stay competitive with big online retailers such as Amazon and Groupon.