4 Reasons Why Email Marketing is So Important for Small Business

While email may have been around for a while, its effectiveness for small business marketing has not wavered. In fact, email’s return on investment is proven to be huge. For every $1 you spend on email marketing, you can expect an average return of $38. This is because emails can be extremely tailored to your audience, providing a very personal way of reaching out to your target customers.

The emails you send to your customers may cover a variety of topics including new products, customer feedback, appointment reminders and more. Email marketing can add a lot of value to your business when done right, and below, we’ll go over the top four reasons why it is so important for your small business:


1. Email Marketing Achieves Personalization

While marketing channels such as social media are important platforms for your business, they don’t always create the same personal connection that an email can. As we’ve covered in previous blogs, personalization is key if you want to create lasting relationships with your customers. Having an email marketing strategy can do just that, providing a personalized, targeted message at the perfectly scheduled time or date.


2. Email Marketing Minimizes Costs

For small businesses that are operating on tight budgets, traditional marketing methods such as TV and direct mail may be financially out of reach, but reaching out to more than a hundred customers in your contact list can cost very little. Email marketing offers an alternative method of marketing for small- and medium-sized businesses alike. With emailing, you are able to create high-quality visuals and reach your customers at a lower cost.


3. Email Marketing Shows Measurable Results

Email marketing provides you with an accurate statistic of the number of people you were able to reach. You are able to track the number of recipients who opened the email and the links they clicked. You can also tell if there are any people that may have unsubscribed from your mailing list. This way, you are able to make necessary adjustments and improve the methods you use.


4. Email Automation Does all the Work

Email automation allows you to send your messages to customers at designated times and can help improve the timeliness and relevance of the campaigns you engage in. You can use workflows and triggers to send customers automatic messages once they access the website and perform certain actions. Consider this example:

A customer may visit your website and spend some time looking at a specific product or service, but then leave the site without buying anything. With email automation, you can automatically send an email providing reminding them to finally make the purchase. In this case, email automation may assist you in turning a missed opportunity into a future lead. It also builds a relationship between you and your customer. With this technology, you don’t have to worry about customers that may need help while you are offline. The system flawlessly does it for you.


Parting Shot

Email marketing offers many benefits to your small business at a low cost. You are able to reach a large number of potential customers as well as keep up with your current customers in an easy and efficient way. We hope this blog provided you with all you need to know about why your small business should adopt email marketing. After all, email automation increases both customer relationships and your bottom line, and who doesn’t want that?

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