5 Ways Leaders Can Motivate Their Employees

Motivation. Not everyone has it but it’s important to the success of any business. Knowing how to keep employees energized and excited is not only beneficial to the company, but also the employees themselves and the overall work environment. But, how do you motivate your team and keep them motivated? Fortunately, people are driven by various things, and that doesn’t necessarily mean monetary incentives. To keep your team’s motivation high, here are a few principles to follow:

Lead by example

First and foremost, do not expect for employees to work hard or behave a certain way if their manager or boss isn’t doing the same. Good leaders lead by example. Show up to work and be excited about what’s happening in the office, the company’s goals, and accomplishments whether big or small. Leaders should live by their core values and should never promote the “Do as I say, not as I do” philosophy. Lead with actions, not words, and employees will be sure to follow suit.

Communication, communication, communication

Communication is always key. Simply put, great leaders should be skilled communicators. Make sure to keep an open line of communication between you and your team, and always give and encourage feedback (whether good or bad). Furthermore, effective communication also involves being a good listener. Leaders should take the time to listen to their employees and always have an open ear. Ask thoughtful questions and take the team’s opinions and thoughts into consideration.

Partnering, not parenting

Micromanagement. No one likes it, so leaders shouldn’t be doing it. When leaders partner with their employees, this provides them a sense of responsibility. Giving responsibility to employees enables them to be more self-motivated and empowered. No one wants to feel as if they are being constantly watched. Micromanaging quickly leads to disengaged and unmotivated individuals, so, keep the parenting for your children – not your employees.

Energize your team

Regardless of how motivated a team is, there will be time when employees feel sluggish and need an energy boost. Combat this with positive team spirit. Don’t let the office environment be all work and no play. Get the team together and play stress relieving games or go outside for a walk. Incentives are great motivators too. Incentives can range from gift cards or cash, movie tickets, a free meal, a day off.  Anything that will get employees to want to go that extra mile is worth incentivizing. Just make sure there is always positive energy flowing in the workplace.

Social proof

Use social proof as a way to motivate employees. For many, money isn’t always the most satisfying reward – recognitions, appreciation and growth are. With social proof, leaders can celebrate employees’ work, work anniversaries and large accomplishments. In other words, brag a little. This allows for individual employees to feel appreciated and feel good about the work they’re doing which can lead to increased motivation throughout the workplace.

The takeaway

Motivation plays a major role in whether or not employees will go above and beyond to get the job done. To be a great workplace leader, knowing how to motivate your team is crucial so make sure to figure out ways to keep employees excited about coming to work and steer them to the path of self-motivation.      


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