Don’t Believe These Marketing Automation Myths!

If you want to take the next step in marketing your small business, marketing automation may be the answer. If you’re new to the concept of marketing automation, we want to clear up some marketing automation myths that you may hear from others as you research a platform. Don’t believe everything that you hear! We are going to arm you with the truth about marketing automation.

Marketing automation is impersonal.

Even though marketing automation is an automated process, if done the right way you can personalize your communications and schedule them to be shown with targeted messages for specific customers, at exactly the right moment.

Marketing automation is email marketing.

While email is a big part of marketing automation, there are so many other features involved with a marketing automation platform. Some of these other features include social media advertising, targeted landing pages, behavioral pop-ups and strategic customer journeys!

Marketing automation is expensive.

We will be honest, there are many marketing automation platforms out there that could break your bank. These platforms are usually built for larger companies, who have a dedicated marketing team. Since you are a small business, it is important to use a marketing automation platform that is built specifically for you and fits into your budget.

You need a marketing manager to run your marketing automation.

No matter how much knowledge you have of marketing, with the right tools, you too can run a marketing automation strategy for your small business. With pre-built campaigns, the hard work is already completed for you. All you have to do is upload your customer list, select who you want to see your campaigns and press the “big red button” to launch!

Marketing automation is spam.

If done the right way, marketing automation should not be spammy. It should be carefully planned so that you are reaching the customer with a targeted message that aligns with the specific stage of the buyer’s journey the customer is currently at.



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