How to: Convert Leads with Landing Pages [Video]

When it comes to converting your website visitors into leads, it’s easy to become concerned as to how and when you will start seeing results from your landing pages. You may even have some confusion about what landing pages are and how they can help grow your small business.

That’s why we’ve created this useful video to help you understand the importance of landing pages and how they can help you convert website visitors into leads - which will ultimately help your business grow. Sit back, relax and learn how you can get the highest impact from your landing pages! 


Hey, I’m Jenny from Rocket Level, and today, I'm going to talk with you about why landing pages are essential for converting your website visitors into leads. Before we start talking about conversion, let’s go over what a landing page actually is.


A landing page is a separate standalone web page that is designed with the sole purpose of turning your website visitors into leads by presenting them with a single action you want them to take.

Note that a landing page is not your website’s homepage. Instead, landing pages are usually linked to paid advertising such as pay-per-click or social media ads. You need to provide a specific incentive for your prospects in order for them to become leads, and a landing page gives that incentive.

Examples of forms and incentives that may be popular in your industry could include signing up to schedule an appointment or entering an email in order to receive a discount.

Notice that these examples have one purpose rather than many distracting options that could redirect and confuse your prospects. Also, understand that without a single CTA, your landing page is pointless.

Now that you understand the components, you may be asking, “Well, where will people even find my landing page?” To put it simply, your landing page actually kind of finds people on its own, by way of paid advertising. A landing page is where your prospects should land when they click on your social media or pay-per-click ads.

With paid advertising, you get to choose where your link gets directed, so it’s important to send your visitors to a dedicated landing page that has a message and CTA consistent with your ad.

Not only are landing pages essential for direct sales, but they are beneficial for relationship building and lead generation, which can boost sales in the long run.

As you can see, landing pages are excellent for building relationships, gathering information and furthering your brand. I hope this video has helped you learn more about the fundamentals of landing pages and how they can benefit your company. Thanks for joining me.


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