How To: Market Your New Practice Online [Video]

Marketing your new practice can be an exciting but overwhelming feeling. If you are eager to begin online marketing but don’t know where to start, consider using applications that are already accessible to you. This video will provide a few useful examples you may be more familiar with than you think. Growing your new practice online is just a few clicks away! 


Congratulations! You just opened your practice.

Now what?

Of course, you’re eager to have patients, but that can be easier said than done.

In order to scale and build your patient base for your practice, you must implement digital marketing to spread awareness for your new business.

Here are a few ways you can hit the ground running into marketing your practice, and getting noticed online!

Everyone knows that social media is a great way to spread awareness, but where do you start?

If you want to start fast and easy, then I suggest creating business accounts on sites such as Facebook and Instagram.

With Facebook, you can create an account manager page where you can analyze your posts.

Both your Facebook and Instagram pages are linked in your Facebook manager account, allowing for easy cross-posting.

If you want to take your marketing a step further, research keywords to use in tandem with your online ad campaigns.

In other words, you can start advertising your business on Google so that when prospects are searching for terms such as, “dentist in Atlanta, GA,” your practice will show up in the results as an ad.

Keywords are the terms you choose based on what your prospect would type into Google. They are there to help differentiate and specify your advertising efforts, therefore ensuring your ads are relevant to what your prospects want.

However, if you want to build relationships with your qualified leads and watch them turn into patients, then you need to use automation.

Marketing automation software such as RocketLevel can help you build relationships with your valuable patients by using email campaigns and analyzing their marketing journey.

Using automated emails gives you a level up on how and when you should contact your patients.

For example, you can construct different emails for people in different stages of their buyer’s journey, and send mass emails that look and sound personal.

By implementing strategic advertising efforts and following up with personalized emails, your practice will grow in no time. For more information on how you can get the ball rolling and get patients for your new practice, click the link below. Talk with you again soon!


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