How Voice Search is Impacting Small Business Marketing

One of the most impactful changes entering the world of digital marketing is the widespread application of voice search. Voice search has taken the digital world to the next level, but what could this mean for marketing? First, you will need to learn the basics of voice search including its benefits and how you it may affect your daily life.

Although the voice search trend is new and exciting, we’re sure you may also be wondering how it may affect your small business’ digital marketing efforts. We are here to break it down for you and help you understand the future of voice search and what it means for your business.

What does voice search mean for SEO?

The bottom line is digital marketing is geared toward generating leads and converting them into customers, regardless if they are acquired via voice or text based search methods. In order to continue growing your small business, digital marketing will need to be optimized to account for the effects of voice search on SEO.

In other words, in order to adapt to the future of voice search, your small business should incorporate best practices for voice search into your marketing strategy.

How will search queries change?

When a user types a search query into a search engine, the user will most likely type the search in as few words as possible. This is different in comparison to voice search because when a user speaks a search query they are more likely to speak in full sentences instead of short keywords.

For example, if someone is searching for a nearby auto repair shop, they would type or speak the following into a search engine or to a virtual assistant:

Text Search Query:

“Auto repair shops”

Voice Search Query:

“Where is the closest auto repair shop?”

Another difference between voice and text search has to do with how quickly a user expects to get an answer. When a user types a query into a search engine they are usually okay with researching, or looking at multiple sites until they find the answer they are looking for. With the voice search trend, users expect an answer right away and don’t want to waste their time searching.

How to optimize your website for voice search

In order to adapt your business to the voice search trend, you are going to need to alter your website a little bit to fit the bill and make sure it runs smoothly. A few factors that you should consider when optimizing your website for voice search are:

  • Use simple, natural-sounding language
  • Provide concise answers
  • Make sure your Google My Business profile is completed and up-to-date
  • Form queries into questions
  • Target long-tailed keywords
  • Ensure your site is mobile friendly and speedy

The takeaway

The rise of voice search impacts how customers search for products and services, making it relevant for digital marketers to ensure their content is visible from every type of request. Learning how to adapt to these changes is essential to your digital marketing strategy and your small business growth.



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