How to Create a Successful Promotion That Will Drive New Leads

One of the top goals for small businesses today is driving sales. Many times though, business owners struggle with exactly how to reach this goal. One answer to this common problem is promotions. They can put your sales a step ahead with their extremely high potential for driving new leads.

Promotions work to capture the interest of your current customer base as well as new customers that can turn into leads. Many small business owners believe the costs to run a promotion outweigh the benefits. However, this blog will reveal the keys to running a cost-effective promotion that will bring in both new leads and new revenue:

Plan ahead

The first key to a successful promotion, and really any business endeavor, is to plan far in advance. Promotions aren’t something you can just throw together; they require careful planning to decide what audience you are targeting, what you will offer and how to track your success.

Dropping hints about your promotion before it begins can also build anticipation and draw a crowd of potential leads ready to jump on the promotion when you decide to run it. You should spend this time setting goals and making plans so there shouldn’t be any surprises when you run it.

Create great content

You can’t have a great promotion without great content. The first thing your audience sees is your headline, so it needs to immediately hook their attention and create a strong desire to participate. The goal is to create a “fear of missing out” in the minds of your audience. You want your message to be so captivating and irresistible that your potential leads would regret if they missed out on it. Remember, all your content needs to tie back to you acquiring leads, so be sure to include a way to capture lead contact information.

Choose the right promotional mix

The next key to a successful promotion is choosing the right promotional mix. There are five elements to a promotional mix: sales promotion, advertising, personal selling, direct marketing and public relations. These exist as promotional methods of getting your content to the right person in the right way. Each channel offers different advantages and disadvantages, so you will want to research what each channel does for a company, compare that with your promotional goals and create the right promotional mix. This will also allow your promotion to be more well rounded and drive new leads by reaching the most people possible.

Invest in paid media

So by now, you have put all this hard work into making sure your promotion is just right. You launch it, but to your surprise, you get no leads. At this point you should ask yourself: did I take all the necessary steps to invest in my promotion’s success? If you aren’t utilizing paid media, the answer is no.

Spending money to boost your promotion on social sites is a cost effective way to make sure your promotion is seen by your exact target audience. By advertising on platforms such as Facebook, you can reach more potential leads and ensure the success of your promotion. Almost every social channel has a way to promote content, so make sure you are putting some dollars behind your promotion to reach new leads, ensuring it wasn’t all for nothing.

Promotions are a great way to drive your business forward and keep your customers coming back for more. When done correctly, they add real value to your business. By using these tips at your small business, you will drive new leads. These keys will allow you to unlock new possibilities for your company when it comes to customer acquisition and small business growth.


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