Why Every Local Business Needs Text Message Automation

The ability to exchange text messages with leads and customers has changed the game of marketing. While of course, more traditional communication tools such as email and phone calls remain powerful in their own right, text messages have become a major player as a local business communication channel.

In fact, studies show that 97 percent of Americans send at least one text per day, and more than 78 percent of consumers say that texting is the quickest way for them to receive important service updates. These statistics prove that texting is a channel that businesses need to start exploring if they are looking to grow.

With the understanding that it can be a major undertaking to add a new communication method to any business’s marketing strategy, below are several key reasons why local businesses should add text messaging automation to their marketing and communication efforts, as well as a few examples for an immediate boost in efficiency.

Text Messages are Almost Always Opened

We all know that email marketing is widely known as an important tool for lead generation, customer communication and nurturing. But how powerful is an email that never gets read? 

Check out these statistics for a quick comparison of email vs. texting:

  • Email: Consumers tend to only open 25 percent of the emails they receive
  • Text: 82 percent of text messages are read within five minutes 

When it comes to staying in touch with your customers, text messaging is hands down one of the most effective communication channels. Even better, try mixing texts with emails for optimal results. 

To put it simply, if you haven’t added texting into your marketing strategy, you need to get started now. Your customers are on their phones daily, and they are constantly opening and replying to text messages. The best part for local business owners is that there are simple ways to automate a texting strategy so you can experience a high ROI without adding much extra work to the day.

How to Add Texting Into Your Customer’s Buying Journey

Text messaging is highly versatile, and therefore can be used to communicate with each of your audiences (leads, customers and advocates) throughout the customer journey. 

Here are several examples of ways you can text message your contacts:

  • Appointment Reminders: By sending appointment reminders via text, you can reduce no-shows, providing a more organized and predictable schedule, as well as higher staffing efficiency.
  • Exclusive Promotions: Bring in more leads as new customers and retain the ones you have by offering discount codes via text message.
  • Customer Service: If you run a business with a customer support component, offer customers the option to text in exchange for support and troubleshooting.
  • Feedback Requests: Use text messages to request input and reviews from your customers regarding their recent experiences. 

These examples show that text messages can be informative, serve as a request for confirmation or simply put a smile on your customers’ faces. For prospects, time-sensitive offers are an enticing reason to visit your business in the near future. Text-based reminders make current customers feel that they are of value to your business. Even your most loyal advocates can benefit from text messages: simple but personalized communications can increase customer delight, transforming customers into your biggest fans.

Top Benefits of Text Message Automation Technology

Platforms that offer text message automation, such as RocketLevel, offer a myriad of benefits for local businesses looking to improve efficiency and profitability in the short- and long-term. Check out a few of the top benefits of using a text automation platform: 

  • Minimize phone tag: Sometimes it can be hard to get in touch with people who are not available via phone calls. Know if they are ready to proceed with service by sending them a text message.
  • Protect your personal number: With many text automation platforms, you can create a new, unique phone number without having to use a personal phone number.
  • Keep track of conversations: Many platforms will provide instant documentation of all of your text message conversations within individual contact profiles.
  • Add text messages to journeys: Text messages can be added within your marketing journeys, meaning that you can schedule texts to be sent out on certain days or after an action has been taken. This is an easy way to stay in touch at the right time without having to manually send out a message.

Reach Your Ideal Customers with Texts 

The value of local business text messaging lies in its ability to reach customers where they are spending the most time: their phones. Businesses that automate their text-based communications will experience a more stable flow of business, better customer response rates, higher customer satisfaction and an overall increase in efficiency. With the help of an automation platform like RocketLevel, local businesses can set themselves up for success with text messaging automation that will transform their communication and growth in the best ways possible.


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