Top 3 Ways Today's Patients Find Dental Practices

Technological advances have completely changed how people use the internet, and today’s patients are searching for your practice in ways that may not have existed when you first opened your doors. Because of this, potential patients are more educated, have more options and are more aware of factors in their decision-making process.

When selecting a dentist, a patient can search any number of clinics that provide a particular service before they evaluate alternatives. This is a sensitive time for you and your business, and with so many companies competing today for internet ad space, you need to be sure your practice can be found. This blog will provide the top ways patients are finding dentists today and what you can do to make sure they choose your practice every time.

Word of mouth

Word of mouth, both in person and online, is important for your business because it is free and one of the most effective ways to advertise. It is up to your company to make sure each and every customer has a good experience, increasing both word-of-mouth advertising and company referrals.

Customer referrals are still one of the top ways people find dentists, proving again why word of mouth is so important to your practice. In order to take advantage of this channel to new patients, you need to get people talking about your practice. You can do this through surveys asking for patient feedback or having your front desk staff be sure to ask patients about their experience as they are leaving. The more you interact with your current patients and within the community, the more people will talk about you.

Online searches


Pay-per-click ad campaigns are one of the more effective methods of driving tentative patients to your website and dental practice. PPC campaigns start with keyword research that is associated with your practice, keeping in mind what your patients are searching for online. Ads are designed to encourage patients to click on them to find more information about your dental practice. (Click here to watch a quick video explaining exactly how you can grow your business with PPC advertising!)


Most dental practices know precisely what their average patient value is and what results they need to obtain from their marketing channels for the clinic to stay profitable. This gives you an advantage when it comes to the second way to reach people online: search engine optimization. SEO is how you make sure your company is at the top of your patients’ searches every time. Since most patients are relatively predictable, you can build your website around certain keywords you know prospects will use so you can turn them into patients.

Online reviews

Reputation can make or break any business, including your dental practice. Ninety percent of consumers read online reviews and are aware of any set of opinions attached to a clinic, with the majority of potential consumers realizing that a positive review makes them trust a local business more.

The key to getting a five-star review is focusing on customer service as well as being omnipresent during a new patient's decision-making process. It's not enough to just invest time on niche sites. You need to make sure you are always making the most of the reviews you have to attract new patients!

The Takeaway

Today, the consumer holds a lot of the power; however, there are surefire strategies to make sure your practice is on a potential patient’s radar. By using a combination of word of mouth, online search advertising and online reviews, your practice will be found, and you will gain a competitive edge. This is crucial in today’s market where so many companies are competing for consumer attention. Remember, potential patients are eager and enthusiastic to step into your practice, and these tricks of the trade ensure that you are front and center and ready to be of service.


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