Pre-Vacation Checklist for Small Business Owners

Let’s face it - as small business owners it can be difficult to take your mind off of your company. However, you sometimes need a break in order to continue having the same passion for the business.

The reality is that as a business owner, you may not have the luxury of working the regular nine to five hours and having time off whenever you’d like. But the perk is that you are working in a field that you are truly passionate about (and that passion is irreplaceable).

So when you do find some time to step away from the office, here are some things to check off your list before taking that much-needed vacation:

ChecklistPrioritize work 

Try resolving as many of your tasks ahead of time by planning your big projects around your vacation. If it’s possible, make an effort to finalize projects that can be finished ahead of time, always keeping that project’s benefit and your customers in mind.

ChecklistSchedule and automate

With the power of technology, you can now schedule your emails and social media posts months in advance! We understand that you will be checked out of work during your days off (and probably as far away from a computer as possible) but your customers shouldn’t feel abandoned. Make sure to write a couple of emails in advance that you can automate throughout your days off.

The point of doing this is to make your company run as seamless as possible, almost as if you never left! (Heck, your customers may not even notice you are out of the office!)

ChecklistPrepare your employees

Plan your vacation ahead of time and tell your employees that you will be gone. Transparency is key when it comes to having a small business. Being open and honest will not only help your employees feel more comfortable, but your customers as well! Give your staff clear instructions on how to run the business while you’re away. While you are gone consider arranging short-term coverage – whatever it may be, you want to make sure your customers are taken care of.  

Checklist Keep open lines of communication

Anything can happen during your time off so it’s best to keep your phone on for possible emergency calls from employees. It might be a good idea to leave your contact information with your employees, along with when it is and isn’t a good time to contact you.

Checklist Contact clients

Depending on your relationship with your customers, they could be easily thrown off by your absence Reassure them that you are taking a short vacation and provide them the contact information of the employees that will be watching over the company while you are out. Customers love when you’re honest with them so let them know that you’ll be taking some time off and they will understand - it’s a part of life. Send a simple reminder a week or so in advance, such as: “Just as a reminder, I will be out of the office for these dates, but the office will be available for your convenience, and all of my employees are willing to assist you.” This will make your customers feel appreciated.

Logging out

After all, a vacation isn’t a vacation if you don’t take some time to relax and enjoy your days off. Even as a small business owner, you’ll want to have a healthy work-life balance in order to come back to work refreshed with new outlooks on your business. For a few of days, stop thinking about work and enjoy the great things your small business gives you the opportunity to do. Surround yourself with friends and family and prepare yourself to come back to the working world with new knowledge and full of new ideas.

Now go check this list off so you can pack up your surfboard! Have a great summer vacation and remember - you deserve it!


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