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Law Firm Billboards are a Thing of the Past (Do This Instead)

Billboard advertising is one of the top marketing channels used in the legal industry today. As a legal practice, your goal may be to own every billboard on every corner in your community in order to build brand awareness. But do you know if this channel is effective?

7 Things Lawyers Need to Know About PPC Advertising

When it comes to digital marketing for the legal industry, pay-per-click advertising, or PPC, is a top channel for lead generation - and for good reasons.

But with so many law firms advertising via pay-per-click ads, it can sometimes be tough to make your firm stand out. To put it simply,...

How To: Grow Your Business with PPC Ads [Video]

With so many companies competing for ad space online, you may be asking yourself, “How will my small business stand out?” Although there are many approaches your company can take to scale your business, pay-per-click ads, also known as PPC, prove time and again to be a surefire way to acquire more...

6 Reasons to Use Dedicated Landing Pages for PPC Campaigns

According to Forbes, nearly half of all businesses lack a clearly defined digital strategy. As a small business competing for your customers' attention, you simply can't afford to ignore the value of digital marketing and paid search.