Top 5 Reasons Your Small Business Needs to Start Using Facebook Ads

When it comes to spending money on marketing, many small businesses struggle because of past failed marketing efforts. Up until now, it hasn’t been possible to see data showing your business exactly which (if any) of your customers were a result of your marketing spending.

Facebook ads have changed the game, opening up new possibilities for small business advertising. If you want to start getting new customers to your business without wasting money, check out the following top five reasons that you should be using Facebook ads:

1. Facebook has approximately two billion monthly active users.

That’s a lot of people - and we know your potential customers are in that group. As we say all the time, your customers are on Facebook so you should be too. For a small fee, you can guarantee that a very specific group of potential customers in your local area see your company’s Facebook ad. Which brings us to our next point…

2. Facebook advertising allows you to connect to your exact target audience.

When it comes to advertising on Facebook, you can serve up your ad to the exact group of people that you want to target. We mean the exact group. Facebook offers an enormous list of categories to help you narrow down the target audience that will see your ad. This is great because it means that you won’t be wasting money on uninterested leads!

3. Facebook advertising offers a different ad format for every type of message.

No matter what the goal of your advertising is, there is a Facebook ad format for every story. You can tell your story with a photo, video, carousel of images and more. People today also use different devices when scrolling through Facebook, so Facebook ads will adjust to allow for the best user experience on mobile devices, tablets or desktop computers.

4. Facebook advertising fits any budget.

As previously discussed, many small businesses have a difficult time handing over their hard-earned money for marketing efforts. One of the best parts of Facebook ads is that you are in charge of how much money you spend, so you will never spend more than your max budget. And since your ad will be served to your chosen audience (who is most likely interested in your business), you are almost guaranteed to see results. Which brings us to our last point....

5. Facebook advertising works.

Facebook provides reporting that will show you up-to-the-minute data on your ad’s success. If your ad isn’t getting the best results, you can turn it off so that you don’t waste your budget. This provides a huge benefit to your small business because you can figure out exactly what type of advertising message that your audience reacts to.

Believe us when we say that advertising on Facebook is a smart choice for your small business. With what other form of advertising can you send a message to an extremely targeted audience, and then see real-time results of the campaign? When used correctly, Facebook ads will give you an immediate return on investment (ROI) and will provide you with the data to prove your success.

If you’re ready to start advertising on Facebook, read our latest blog post “Are These Facebook Advertising Mistakes Sabotaging Your Budget?” to make sure you get the biggest bang for your buck!


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