7 Free Ways to Boost Business Using Facebook

Facebook continues to be one of the best social networks for promoting a business. With more than 2.2 billion Facebook users as of 2017, it's safe to say the platform provides a wonderful opportunity for small businesses to engage with both current and future customers, and make a significant improvement in their marketing efforts.

Running a Facebook business page is a great way to find local people with interest in your product or services. Since Facebook collects an enormous amount of personal data, it's capable of targeting users based on behavioral and characteristic traits. Also, as a low-cost marketing strategy, it's ideal for small- to medium-sized businesses with limited marketing budgets.

How to use Facebook to boost your small business:

     1. Communicate with your audience

The most impactful way to use your business’ Facebook page is to engage with your audience. Once your Facebook Business page is set up, it's time to start sharing posts and content that your audience will want to follow. Post articles, contests, quizzes, photos, behind the scenes, product demos and videos to get your audience talking. Make them feel like they are part of something bigger by getting them involved and asking them for opinions. Don't be afraid to stretch your imagination!

     2. Network

Facebook has built-in tools such as "Build Audience," which is found in your Page's Admin menu. This will help you build an online following by inviting both your Facebook friends and email contacts (or customer database) to follow your Page. You can also develop great business relationships by linking your Facebook page to your website and best blog posts. Additionally, you can use traditional marketing techniques such as advertising your Facebook page's web address on your business card, in emails you send and on any other marketing materials you produce for your business.

     3. Provide customer support

Since Facebook allows two-way communication between businesses and their customers, make a habit of responding to your followers’ comments, questions and concerns. The more often you respond to customers' queries and resolve their problems, the more you'll increase their level of satisfaction. This develops personal  that promote brand loyalty.

     4. Marketing/brand awareness

Facebook is the perfect channel for small business’ to promote and advertise their brand to potential customers. Many small businesses offer unique products or services to a smaller range of customers, and Facebook provides an excellent opportunity to reach the exact target audience with a personal approach.

     5. Get testimonials and reviews

When you set up your Facebook Business page, you have the option of collecting testimonials and reviews from your customers. While it's never a good idea to encourage customers to review your business for incentives, you can put up a sign at your business to ask them to review your business on your Facebook page.

     6. Share industry knowledge

Another great way of using Facebook for business is to become a resource in your field. Whether you run a construction firm, real estate business or a financial consulting firm, share some information regarding the latest news in the industry. By doing this you can establish connections of trust with your followers by showing your company is passionate and up-to-date with industry trends and current events.

     7. See what your customers are interested in

You can monitor how your Facebook posts are doing by checking the "Insights" tab from your page manager. Using this you can view your recent posts and see their reach and engagement. This will give you great insight into what types of content your audience is interested in, which will guide your Facebook strategy for the future.

Bottom line

With more than 50 million small businesses using Facebook in their marketing efforts, it’s obvious that Facebook business pages work for customer engagement. Do keep in mind that simply setting up your page isn’t enough. Make sure your Facebook business page is active and that you engage with customers. When you put effort into your social media, you’re not only building your brand, but you are building relationships with your potential and existing customers.


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